Hair Loss & Depression – How The Two Are Related?

Hair are an essential part of our entire personality. The way we style our hair, the colour, length and quality of hair express a lot about our personality and health. Therefore, it becomes a matter of great concern when you start losing hair. Though hair fall is a part of the natural life cycle of our hair, but if it is more than 100 strands a day, then you should consult a dermatologist.

Dr Jennifer Martinick, a well known surgeon who runs Martinick Hair Restoration Hair Clinics in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, talks about the social stigma that a person suffering from Alopecia (hair loss) experiences. According to Dr Jennifer Martinick, a majority of patients who suffer from Alopecia also fall victim to depression and anxiety. The patients shy away from meeting new people, fearing that their hair problem may be noticed and talked about. Some go to the extent of cutting off any interaction with other people and staying indoors.

Every day, Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews the condition of many patients, male and female both, and feels that patients are highly concerned about their appearance and what other people think about them. This need of social acceptance and fear of being laughed at gives rise to anxiety and depression in the patients. Jennifer Martinick also states that the anxiety and stress that the patients suffer results in more hair loss.

Dr Jennifer of Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic feels that everyone has the right to look and feel beautiful. Keeping this motive in mind, the Martinick Hair Restoration Clinics are equipped with the latest technology and well-trained & experienced surgeons. With proper analysis and medications, the doctors have provided effective hair regrowth solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers.

Whether you want to take better care of your hair or want to grow back your crowning glory, help is just a phone call away.

Beautiful hair, happier you!


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