Why Choose Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic?

It is quite a valid question. Why should you choose Martinick Hair Restoration clinic over many other hair restoration solutions providers? The reason why you should choose Dr Jennifer Martinick and her expert team is – to get superior results.

Dr Jennifer Martinick does not require an introduction. She has contributed a lot towards the development of the hair transplant techniques, hence she is globally recognised and acknowledged for her work. The Martinick Technique™ is the superior hair transplant technique that has been developed and patented by Dr Jennifer Martinick.

The technique is proven to deliver superior results as compared to any other results delivered by other techniques. The technique:

  • Requires very less handling, therefore it enhances the survival rates of the grafts.

  • Does not require deep incisions, therefore patients neither suffer any major discomfort nor any heavy bleeding.

  • Also reduces the risk of any kind of infection or complication, thereby ensuring a safe recovery.

  • Promotes quick growth of the transplanted follicles, thereby reducing the recovery time.

  • Leaves very less scars as compared to other techniques used, and once the hair regrowth takes place, the scars become hard to detect.

  • Produces natural looking results that are undetectable and outstanding.

  • Ensures that the patient is comfortable at all times.

Needless to say, when you choose Martinick Hair Restoration clinics for your surgery, you choose superior and natural looking results. Plus, you have an amazing experience which marks the start of your new life.


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