A Brief About Dr Jennifer Martinick Of Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic

In the specialised field of hair transplantation, Dr Jennifer Martinick is a well recognised personality. Her immense contributions for the betterment of the transplantation procedures have helped in bringing significant positive changes in the techniques used.

Dr Jennifer has a rich experience of over 30 years and is associated with the prominent medical societies like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the Australasian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. There are various other influential institutes and societies where she visits as a faculty member. Along with these, Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews and takes part in the international conferences to encourage knowledge sharing among the surgeons from across the globe.

Dr Jennifer has many awards and accolades to her name for her valuable contributions in the field of hair transplant surgeries. Her biggest contribution in this field is the Martinick TechniqueTM that is developed and patented by her.

Dr Jennifer developed the Martinick TechniqueTM that is recognised for delivering far more superior results than any other hair transplant techniques used until now. Not only the technique is quick and inflicts less pain, it enhances the hair regrowth chances and supports the surgeon in delivering natural looking results.

The Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews and testimonials on Martinick Hair Restoration clinic’s website are a clear proof of her superb transplantation skills and hands on experience in handling severe hair loss cases. The before and after photographs of the patients posted on the clinic’s website clearly show the remarkable work achieved by her and the team.


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