Dr Jennifer Martinick shares Young Men’s Hair Loss Experiences Part 2

The limitations hair loss sufferers impose on themselves are often based on an extremely poor self image, says Lachlan who lost his hair in his early thirties.

Lachlan says it wasn’t until after having a transplant that he became aware of just how limiting his “obsession with his hair loss” had been.

Lachlan, a fitness trainer and part-time actor says many of his friends and clients now comment that up until recently, they have never seen him without a hat.

“Once my hair started to grow again I became free of this all consuming bloody-mindedness about concealing my hair loss,” Lachlan says.

“I had spent a good ten years of my life wearing a hat everywhere and I hadn’t noticed how much of an obsession it had become.

“It’s been well worth the investment in a hair transplant to start living life more freely again.”

Shaun, a university student, says the onset of androgenetic alopecia at just 16 sparked the beginning of a downward spiral of depression, drug taking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Shaun, who appealed to Martinick Hair Restoration’s Dr Jennifer Martinick to perform a hair transplant two years ago, now shows no former signs of hair loss.

He says regaining his hair gave him the confidence to give up a labouring job, apply to university and meet his life partner.

He learned about Dr Martinick’s work from a psychologist who was treating him for depression.

“I then ended up seeking a consultation with Dr Martinick who put me on a course of hair loss medication and some regular topical treatments, “Shaun says.

“She also advised me to make lifestyle changes regarding an improved diet and exercise as well as drinking the occasional glass of red wine.

“I saw Dr Martinick on a regular basis for almost two years before she agreed to perform a hair transplant.”

Dr Martinick says she eventually agreed to proceed with Shaun’s transplant even though he was only 23 at the time.

“I have generally waited until a patient is at least 26,” Dr Martinick says.

“But it isn’t always that black and white particularly when you have a young patient and there is a large psychological component to their hair loss.

“This young man was deeply depressed and his hair loss was having an enormous impact on his quality of life.

“He has since moved on with his life and many positive things have happened for him.”


Dr Jennifer Martinick: Providing Effective Hair Restoration Solutions

Hair loss is not an uncommon condition these days. A majority of men as well as women suffer from the emotional stigma attached with severe hair loss conditions. Unfortunately, many of such patients are not aware of the advanced hair restoration options.

Dr Jennifer Martinick of Martinick Hair Restoration clinic is a successful and well-known surgeon who is credited for the development of the distinguished hair transplantation technology – The Martinick Technique TM.

Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews the hair loss condition of the patients, analyses the reasons behind it, and then based on various parameters and factors, derives a suitable hair restoration solution of the patient. The patients can opt for surgical or non-surgical procedures to treat the hair loss. Along with these, the team of experts and highly trained staff put in their efforts to give the patients a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The reason that Dr Jennifer is so popular, and a preferred name among the hair loss patients is her rich experience and skills in performing hair transplant. Her aim is to deliver natural looking hair transplants for the patients, which permanently solves the hair loss condition.

Treating your hair loss condition is an easy step. All you need to do is consult Dr Jennifer Martinick and choose the treatment that is the most suitable one for you. Rest all will be taken care of by the well trained and friendly staff of Martinick Hair Restoration clinics.

A Brief About Dr Jennifer Martinick Of Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic

In the specialised field of hair transplantation, Dr Jennifer Martinick is a well recognised personality. Her immense contributions for the betterment of the transplantation procedures have helped in bringing significant positive changes in the techniques used.

Dr Jennifer has a rich experience of over 30 years and is associated with the prominent medical societies like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the Australasian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. There are various other influential institutes and societies where she visits as a faculty member. Along with these, Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews and takes part in the international conferences to encourage knowledge sharing among the surgeons from across the globe.

Dr Jennifer has many awards and accolades to her name for her valuable contributions in the field of hair transplant surgeries. Her biggest contribution in this field is the Martinick TechniqueTM that is developed and patented by her.

Dr Jennifer developed the Martinick TechniqueTM that is recognised for delivering far more superior results than any other hair transplant techniques used until now. Not only the technique is quick and inflicts less pain, it enhances the hair regrowth chances and supports the surgeon in delivering natural looking results.

The Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews and testimonials on Martinick Hair Restoration clinic’s website are a clear proof of her superb transplantation skills and hands on experience in handling severe hair loss cases. The before and after photographs of the patients posted on the clinic’s website clearly show the remarkable work achieved by her and the team.

Why Choose Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic?

It is quite a valid question. Why should you choose Martinick Hair Restoration clinic over many other hair restoration solutions providers? The reason why you should choose Dr Jennifer Martinick and her expert team is – to get superior results.

Dr Jennifer Martinick does not require an introduction. She has contributed a lot towards the development of the hair transplant techniques, hence she is globally recognised and acknowledged for her work. The Martinick Technique™ is the superior hair transplant technique that has been developed and patented by Dr Jennifer Martinick.

The technique is proven to deliver superior results as compared to any other results delivered by other techniques. The technique:

  • Requires very less handling, therefore it enhances the survival rates of the grafts.

  • Does not require deep incisions, therefore patients neither suffer any major discomfort nor any heavy bleeding.

  • Also reduces the risk of any kind of infection or complication, thereby ensuring a safe recovery.

  • Promotes quick growth of the transplanted follicles, thereby reducing the recovery time.

  • Leaves very less scars as compared to other techniques used, and once the hair regrowth takes place, the scars become hard to detect.

  • Produces natural looking results that are undetectable and outstanding.

  • Ensures that the patient is comfortable at all times.

Needless to say, when you choose Martinick Hair Restoration clinics for your surgery, you choose superior and natural looking results. Plus, you have an amazing experience which marks the start of your new life.

Multi-Therapy Approach To Ensure Outstanding Hair Restoration Results

At Martinick Hair Restoration clinic, Dr Jennifer Martinick and her team of expert surgeons understand that for successful hair transplants a multi-therapy approach is essential. Therefore, following a routine of medications and taking proper care of the transplanted hair is advised at Martinick Hair Restoration clinics.

The multi-therapy approach, as the name suggests, includes more than one restoration procedures. Along with the Follicular Unit Transplant, FDA approved products are also applied to treat severe hair loss conditions. Patients who undergo Follicular Unit Transplant are required to use Hair a Gain topical lotion along with Help Hair TM Whey Protein Concentrate Shake to ensure that the hair transplant is supported from internal as well as external mediums.

The benefit of following a multi-therapy approach is that it drastically enhances the chances of achieving desired hair regrowth. Also, the body needs time to accept the freshly planted follicles, and if proper care is not taken it can result in undesired outcomes. Therefore, by taking care of the follicles through medicines and lotions, the body readily accepts the transplant procedure. Moreover, medications and lotions help in decreasing the recovery time and enhance the growth of the planted follicles.

Dr Jennifer Martinick is a globally recognised as an expert on hair restoration issues. She has extensive knowledge and wide experience that support her in treating severe cases with ease. With her expertise and skills, Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews and successfully handles many cases of hair loss. To ensure excellent results, a multi-therapy approach is followed at Martinick Hair Restoration clinics.

Dr. Jennifer Martinick – The Brain Behind The Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic

Dr Jennifer Martinick is a renowned name in the hair transplant fraternity. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in hair transplantation and medication, she is globally recognised and appreciated for her contribution in this specialised field of medical care. Jennifer Martinick has many awards and certifications to her name and is a member of many medical societies. One of such elite societies is the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Along with many other internationally acclaimed societies, Dr Jennifer Martinick is a reputed member of the Australasian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS) as well.

With her hard work and dedication towards providing excellent hair transplant results, Dr Jennifer Martinick has developed a unique and superior technique for hair transplantation. The technique is patented as the Martinick Technique™, and used at her clinics – Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic. The clinics are located at Sydney, Perth, Brisbane & Melbourne.

The Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic, under the leadership & expertise of Dr Jennifer Martinick, has delivered amazing and permanent results to hundreds of hair loss patients. Each day, Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews many cases and assesses the hair loss conditions of the patients. The latest techniques used at the Martinick Hair Restoration clinic help the surgeons to achieve natural looking hair transplant. Also, the transplants are quicker, less painful, undetectable and safer than the previous procedures used.

The experience and knowledge of Dr Jennifer Martinick has helped the clinics to stand tall on the expectations of the patients by delivering superior and desired results.

Hair Loss & Depression – How The Two Are Related?

Hair are an essential part of our entire personality. The way we style our hair, the colour, length and quality of hair express a lot about our personality and health. Therefore, it becomes a matter of great concern when you start losing hair. Though hair fall is a part of the natural life cycle of our hair, but if it is more than 100 strands a day, then you should consult a dermatologist.

Dr Jennifer Martinick, a well known surgeon who runs Martinick Hair Restoration Hair Clinics in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, talks about the social stigma that a person suffering from Alopecia (hair loss) experiences. According to Dr Jennifer Martinick, a majority of patients who suffer from Alopecia also fall victim to depression and anxiety. The patients shy away from meeting new people, fearing that their hair problem may be noticed and talked about. Some go to the extent of cutting off any interaction with other people and staying indoors.

Every day, Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews the condition of many patients, male and female both, and feels that patients are highly concerned about their appearance and what other people think about them. This need of social acceptance and fear of being laughed at gives rise to anxiety and depression in the patients. Jennifer Martinick also states that the anxiety and stress that the patients suffer results in more hair loss.

Dr Jennifer of Martinick Hair Restoration Clinic feels that everyone has the right to look and feel beautiful. Keeping this motive in mind, the Martinick Hair Restoration Clinics are equipped with the latest technology and well-trained & experienced surgeons. With proper analysis and medications, the doctors have provided effective hair regrowth solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers.

Whether you want to take better care of your hair or want to grow back your crowning glory, help is just a phone call away.

Beautiful hair, happier you!